Belly helps Businesses with Customer Loyalty

Belly helps Businesses with Customer Loyalty


How important is customer loyalty to your business?  According to an article on the impact of customer loyalty,

Companies that lead their markets in customer loyalty generate operating margins of 13%, while laggards had margins of just 2%.

What creates customer loyalty?

According to the Lacek Group in another article, the key is having a relevant message which engages the customer and promotes loyalty.  For small businesses with a limited budget, the answer may be a customer loyalty program by Belly.

What is Belly?

The “Belly Card” claims to be “the world’s best loyalty program“.  Customers can earn points at thousands of locations, including McDonald’s and Ben & Jerry’s.  However, it isn’t limited to well-known restaurants.  Using the Belly interactive map, you can find smaller local mom-and-pop businesses participating in the program too.  In Chicago, there are currently over a 1000 participating businesses in the program, including Molly’s Cupcakes which is “one of the ten best cupcake bakeries in the country”.


How does it work for customers?

For customers, it is as simple as downloading the Belly app to their mobile device or obtaining a loyalty card.  Customers can use the app to find participating Belly businesses.  Once at their selected business, they can scan their mobile device or loyalty card on the in-store tablet display to earn points.  They can track their earned points and decide how to spend those points for rewards and discounts at any of the participating businesses.

How does it benefit small businesses?

For small businesses, it helps with customer loyalty by being able to specifically engage with their customers.  Businesses can send targeted email to a customer group, offer customized rewards or exclusive offers, and increase social exposure through Yelp and Facebook.  As a business owner, customer data is now at your fingertips, so you can effectively engage top customers and promote repeat visits.

Interested in learning more?

Schedule a 10 minute demo to learn how Belly’s Customer Loyalty Program can help your small business or watch this short video to see how Belly is used at Molly’s Cupcakes.


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