Gamification by Design 2: Get Early Access and Contribute

Gamification by Design 2: Get Early Access and Contribute


Four years ago, we launched Gamification by Design as the first practical-oriented “how-to” book for building gamified apps, sites and systems. In those four years, GbD has helped tens of thousands of people around the world create engagement with customers, employees and society. The book has been sold out for the better part of two years and for some time, copies have been sold on Amazon for hundreds of dollars. While that sounds nice, a robust resale market doesn’t benefit the author, those interested in getting started in gamification or long-term practitioners who need a current resource. To whit, we’ve learned so much more about engagement science and how to create behavior change in the years since – there’s just a lot more to say.


So, I’m pleased to announce a completely revised and updated Gamification by Design 2. I’ve reworked the structure from the ground up with a lot more behavioral science, relevant and updated case studies and practical tips on how to create engagement with gamification. Though the subject is big and unwieldy, I’ve done my best to try and create a path for learning through the noise, and help both novices and experts navigate this complex and exciting new field.


The finished book will be launched this fall (in concert with GSummit 2015), but you now have an opportunity to lend your voice and input in the design of this key resource – and even get published. If you join the early access program for GbD2 today, you can get a head start on the market and read the chapters as they are submitted. You can then add your feedback and commentary directly to the document. If your input is substantive and accepted, you will have the chance to be added to the list of contributors. The most meaningful contributors will be invited to participate in a special event for the book’s launching. All participants will receive a copy of the final e-book when it’s ready for publication.


So become part of the early access beta program today – I’d really love your input on this critical new publication. I also know you’ll really enjoy getting a jump on some of the new ideas we’re baking into the book. Join us now.


Note: You must be able to access google docs to participate in the early access program, view and comment on GbD2.