Remodeling Clearly’s Logistics Training Program with Sean Goodman

Remodeling Clearly’s Logistics Training Program with Sean Goodman


Last time, we featured Clearly Logistic Supervisor, Sean Goodman to discuss how Clearly’s logistics department revamped their employee training program. Modeling after gamification concepts from Gabe Zichermann’s book “Gamification Revolution”, the program achieved major success and the organization is looking for new opportunities to incorporate gamification for its processes.

Watch the full interview below to learn about:

  • What challenges were facing Clearly’s logistics department before gamification was introduced?
  • How did the team came together in designing and implementing the program?
  • What has been the cultural impact on the organization upon implementing gamification?
  • How has the team responded to the introduction of non-cash vs cash rewards in the rewards program?
  • Has Clearly changed or rebalanced the value of the rewards in the virtual economy since the program’s introduction?
  • What were the lesson learnt in driving progress and specific metrics for individuals?
  • How has the management team reacted to the program’s success and taking it other parts of the organization?

Watch the video or listen to the audio podcast below.

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