Study Reveals Game Based Training Impact on Weight Loss

Study Reveals Game Based Training Impact on Weight Loss

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Promising Research Shows Potential Weight Loss Influenced by Game Based Training

Anyone with a sweet tooth knows exactly how difficult it is to resist unhealthy foods that taste great. Countless diet programs have been established over the years to try to train people to choose healthier foods and avoid empty calories that pack on the pounds. However, the secret ingredient diet plans may be missing is game based training that has shown promising real-world results that lead to additional weight loss.

A study completed by researchers at the University of Exeter and Cardiff University had participants play a video game where the goal of the game was to avoid images of snack foods and desserts that weren’t healthy. Participants played the game four times a week, in 10-minute sessions.

According to the Telegraph, “When the experiment was over, the scientists found that the participants lost an average of 0.7kg and consumed 220 calories less a day whilst playing the game. People also reported “liking” snack foods less after participating.”

Studies like this show that video games can help train the brain to make healthier choices. Participants in the study were also highly favorable about the experience, with the vast majority saying that they would be glad to continue to play a video game in order to increase their motivation for weight loss in real life.

The game in this particular study was fairly simple. A more complex game paired with incentives and other gamification strategies could revolutionize the way companies approach weight loss.

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