EGC’s 2015 Analysis of The Gamification Industry

EGC’s 2015 Analysis of The Gamification Industry


The Gamification Industry is Growing and Headed Towards Consolidation

Enterprise Gamification Consultancy has released its latest report on companies that offer enterprise-grade gamification, engagement, and behavior modification platforms. The report offers insight into the gamification industry through data driven analyses across 100 data points. In addition, it provides a comprehensive overlook at the major players in the market, ranking each through an overall gamification platform score.

After researching twelve different companies that use gamification solutions, Enterprise Gamification Consultancy has concluded the following:

  • There are four gamification leaders in the space — GamEffective, Bunchball, Badgeville, and Infosys.
  • There is a shift from short-term gamification solutions to mid to long-term employee applications.
  • The gamification industry market is expected to double by the end of 2016.
  • The gamification industry is expected to consolidate by the beginning of 2017.

2015 was a landmark year for the gamification industry, as SAP became the first large business software vendor to enter the gamification market with its own solution. SAP’s arrival demonstrates a shift for gamification from a niche technology to a mainstream application, one that is expected to lead additional software vendors to the gamification market.

To succeed in the gamification industry, organizations need more than a platform — they need strategy, training, and support. Out of the four leaders in the gamification market, GamEffective’s approach to gamification makes it the overall leader. Its focus on enterprise pain points, range of solutions, and seamless integrations put it ahead of the competition despite that it’s the smallest organization among the market leaders. Enterprise Gamification Consultancy suggests that to have a successful gamification solution, organizations should employ engagement sustainability, data based analyses, and clear, defined objectives.

For more detail on these findings and for all of their conclusions, you can purchase the full report that includes a 10% discount right right here.

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  1. Isn’t this report from more than a year ago?… It says “Publishing Date: April 2015” so why only now is this article coming out? Might be a little out of date folks…