It seems like the next logical step: If you can create a game platform to motivate you to be more active socially, get forms finished and save money shopping, why not a game app that rewards you for accomplishing more in your everyday life?

EpicWin is a new iPhone app that’s been getting a lot of really  great reviews. It’s basic concept is a mixture between an interactive to-do list and an RPG adventure. You write a list of tasks to accomplish. You create a character from a variety of types and gain “loot” when you achieve your goals. Do enough and you can level-up giving your character better abilities. You watch as your character develops and each achievement also moves you across a fantasy world map that leads you to new treasure.

A lot of people make jokes about how gamifying everything will eventually make it’s way into the offline world and make everything in life a game, but EpicWin is actually a positive way to make life more fun and annoying tasks less daunting. And really, what’s wrong with that? So far EpicWin is only available for the iPhone, but Android, Blackberry and Facebook are in the works.

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  1. I’m loving this app! I wonder if there are any other similar apps. I know of Level Me Up and Mindbloom. Are there others?

    Also, will the creators of EpicWin continue updating the app? Their blog was last updated in 2010.