GList – Dan Porter: Secrets of ‘Draw Something’ at GSummit

GList – Dan Porter: Secrets of ‘Draw Something’ at GSummit


Today in our ongoing GList series, we’re featuring Dan Porter, CEO of OMGPOP and designer of Draw Something who will be giving a featured talk at GSummit in June. If you haven’t played it yet, Draw Something is the record breaking social game that’s now #1 on the worldwide charts (displacing Zynga) with 20 million new users in just a few weeks and earth-shattering buzz.

As one of the developers of the immensely popular Draw Something, Dan will be speaking on how to sustain engagement with an online audience at GSummit. Find out how OMGPOP used the lessons of community and gamification to build an enduring community, break records for engagement and time-on-site, and still keep the fun, light and social atmosphere so crucial to their audience. The lessons – and data-rich analysis – are sure to make a difference in your community development.

Dan  is the CEO of OMGPOP, the social and mobile game development company. OMGPOP was started in 2006 as iminlikewithyou, a place for people to play games to meet each other and in 2009 changed its name to the shorter OMGPOP where people meet each other to play games. Previously he was SVP of Corporate Development for Virgin USA. He is in charge of starting new companies in North America for Virgin with a special focus on media, music and digital media. He has led investments and realizations in a number of Virgin businesses.

Find Dan on Twitter @tfadp


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