Gabe’s Gamification Revolution Q&A Review – July 30, 2012

Gabe’s Gamification Revolution Q&A Review – July 30, 2012


If you haven’t been keeping up with our page, then you’ve been missing out on Gabe’s weekly webcasts where he talks to gamification experts and answers user questions about gamification and design! To help keep you guys updated, we will now be writing small reviews outlining the topics Gabe spoke about so you don’t get to miss any of the action. Read the topics, and watch the full show right below!

This week, Gabe spoke about:

  1. Why gamification can’t convince people of a fundamentally wrong idea
  2. The impact of competition in a gamified proccess via The Ascent
  3. Video User Question – “What do you focus on when you start to design a gamification concept from scratch?”
  4. Progress Systems vs Experience Point Systems
  5. Why school is a poorly designed game
  6. His opinion on Klout and the measure of Influence
  7. The difficulty of behavior tracking in systems

Got any requests for topics or guests to have on our show? Leave a comment or tweet us your suggestions! And even better than that, check our page each week to participate in each webcast live and ask the guru himself!


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