A Gold Medal for gsummitX London!

A Gold Medal for gsummitX London!


The second gsummitX London went really well on Monday night. With over 30 attendees from across the industry we had a chance to meet up at the prestigious Capgemini offices in Holborn Circus.

The evening kicked off with a short talk from Scott Sinclair on the potential that Capgemini sees in gamification for improving employee engagement within the enterprise. Nyk Loates from the Capgemini Accelerated Solutions Environment welcomed everyone and explained the creative features of the space.

Mark Sorrell gave a light hearted yet incisive talk with his own take on gamification (‘adding non-game elements to games’) and he introduced us to telefication – making games more like TV. His call for more passive, scheduled and broadcast games certainly struck an interesting chord with the audience.

Then it was time to ‘Play for a Cause’ – Krystle from Comic Relief explained the problem they wanted us to solve using the power of gamification – here it was how to engage and enable volunteer fundraisers online for Comic Relief’s next Red Nose Day.

There were some excellent team suggestions including a dark version of Farmville where all the virtual coins you buy go towards comic relief. The twist was that your farm was set in a drought stricken village where your crops kept failing and your animals too weak to survive.

The winning idea, which everyone voted on, was a good deal more cheerful – a social version of a crowdfunding platform where fundraisers picked events and got their friends to commit funds in order to see them happen. Whether the events were a custard pie fight between the headteacher and the deputy or an egg and spoon race for everyone to enjoy would be up to those who voted with their donations.

Oh yes, we leaderboarded the event again, and this time Andrzej Marczewski won. Well done Andrzej, we must do something about that overly large Kred score soon.

A tremendous evening, and thanks again to all involved. If you want to catch the next gsummitX London, be sure to join the meetup group for the latest info!