The Gamification of “taking-you-out-of-your-comfort-zone” with Klash

The Gamification of “taking-you-out-of-your-comfort-zone” with Klash


Klash Gamifies Your Friends’ Awkward Bar Bets

In the spirit of the weekend and our gamification of wine selection, Klash is a new startup that aims to facilitate the process of getting your friends to do the awkward dares you think of after a few glasses of said wine. The premise is simple: first, select whether you want to challenge everyone on Klash or just one specific person from Facebook. Then you can create your own challenge or select one of their pre-made challenges. My colleague “Klashed” me to go up to a mother and her daughter and say “your son is adorable!” Ouch. After establishing the Klash-dare, you create a reward and that’s it – your social challenge is created and available for all to view.

Outside friends can cheer on the people in the challenge to show their support but more importantly, they can also post pictures proving that the act was committed. Every challenge is memorialized through a unique URL so you can continue sharing your friends’ lewd acts via Facebook, Twitter, and even with a QR code. I’ve already challenged one of my colleagues to hang his bike weirdly in our office, while Gabe is around but he has yet to accept the challenge to win a “fat quesadilla” from a local taqueria.

Although there are no inherent gamification elements within the app itself, Klash demonstrates the power of reward incentives and social contracts to motivate user action. After all, they won StartUpWeekendBerlin 2011, where they found a CTO and built their iOS app and web application. The founders all have a great sense of humor too; check out their launch advertisement:


So now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to attempt to Klash my other colleague into eating all the chocolate in the office.

Klash is available on iOS and through their webapp for all other platforms at

via VentureBeat


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