Freshdesk Provides a Fresh Gamification Approach in Customer Support

Freshdesk Provides a Fresh Gamification Approach in Customer Support


Customer service plays a vital role in business but truth be told, having to deal with customer complaints and troubleshooting for hours on end can be rather disengaging, until now. Freshdesk is here to tackle customer support challenges with their recently announced gamified platform, Freshdesk Arcade. With their gamified help desk, Freshdesk aims to transform the monotonous processes of customer support into a collaborative and engaging work environment.

Freshdesk is a cloud-based help desk software that allows organizations to support their customers through email, phone, website, Facebook and Twitter. The software converts customer inquiries into virtual tickets and assigns it accordingly to the respective support teams. When a team member successfully completes a ticket, it would be accumulated as their individual score. As they gather more points, they would level up in Freshdesk’s customizable ranking system with titles such as “Support Newbie” to “Help Gurus”. The presence of a scoring system has a twofold effect. First, the scoring system lets employees monitor their own progression to attain self-mastery. Secondly and more importantly, upper management could quantify and analyze their employee’s overall performance. Simultaneously, they could quickly identify and  intervene on employees who need further guidance.

Aside from providing comprehensive analytics, Freshdesk enables team leaders to easily assign tasks for its members to tackle, somewhat akin to creating quests. For example: If the support manager noticed there is a backlog of customer tickets that needs to addressed within a specific deadline, the leader could instantaneously assign this urgent mission to its team members. Team leaders may also choose to include rewards such as high value points should team members decide to tackle the given task. By varying the mission types, team members are provided the opportunity to be more engaged and collaborative within the team in tackling given tasks. Girish Mathrubootham, Freshdesk CEO explains,  “At Freshdesk, we obsessively focus on agent productivity, giving every support agent more ways to win the love of customers”.

Being the first full-service help desk software to utilize gamification for customer support, Freshdesk is poised to stir up the current customer support service sector. With gamification being implemented on the intermediate processes of customer support, one must wonder where else could gamification could be used to great effect. Perhaps in the training phase of new employees such as True Office? The potential of gamification in customer support still lies ahead in the future.


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