How to Foster Entrepeneurial Thinking and Collaboration (without Competition) with FreshBiz

How to Foster Entrepeneurial Thinking and Collaboration (without Competition) with FreshBiz


FreshBiz is a game that appears like any other. There are dice, cards, colored spaces, little pieces to move, money, and a square game board. Sounds like Monopoly right? In my experience with the game, I immediately thought of a strategy that would earn me the most money, get me to the end the fastest, and ultimately win the game as the best man. However, once I reached the end of playing I quickly learned I could have achieved all my objectives in the game by working with all the other players in the game. My superlative, winner-take-all mentality blinded me from even considering the idea of teaming-up for success, despite there being no rules against any such behavior. All players had the ability to share all their resources, money, and action cards but none of us even considered that an option. I grew up learning this way, in fact, everyone is raised to live life in this zero-sum manner and come out ontop. FreshBiz is actually a board game that aims to flip everything about that on its head.


The game’s goal has players moving around the board, investing in property, taking advantage of business opportunities and loans, to generate money and eventually end up on the Winner’s Island. My initial competitive mindset wanted me to get there first and beat out other players but the game really teaches you to learn and fully utilize resources around you. I received the opportunity to interview one of the FreshBiz co-founders, Ronen Gafni about his game and learned some valuable insights about the transformative power of FreshBiz:

So Ronen, what exactly is FreshBiz?
Gafni: FreshBiz is a game and game-based workshop that is designed to develop entrepreneurial thinking and change the mindset of people to the new rules and skills necessary for today’s changing world into the future. We see entrepreneurship as the ability to take ideas and activate them into real life.

What inspired you to make this game?
Gafni: As the world continues to change, so many new opportunities are available for people to achieve success and their goals, and yet so many people feel stopped, confused, or overwhelmed because they are busy playing an old game and stuck in an outdated model of work. Often, people see competition as the main model for work, where success is achieved only through being the last man standing. Well, we believe that smart work is about creating success and reaching your goals through the power of collaboration with others, not by defeating them. The ability to think in this win-win mindset is an important skill, but it is also just the beginning, which is why FreshBiz also focuses on leveraging opportunities, quantum leaps, creativity, and multi-dimensional thinking. We want to completely expand people’s awareness around what’s possible for them in this new and exciting world that will help them to achieve great results, fulfillment, and some amazing partnerships along the way.

Why did you choose to make a game to support your cause?
Gafni: If you really think about it, both business and life itself are games but too many people either don’t know that, or are playing the game in an uninspiring or unfriendly fashion. When games are played the right way, the transformative power and experiential nature of it, can provide players with the right perspective to enable learning and growth. Games are exciting, and it is empowering to choose that perspective rather than taking ourselves too seriously and just doing something for the sake of doing something. 

Tell me, how fun is this game? Will it make me hate my friends like I do in Monopoly? 
Gafni: Haha – this game is fun, eventhough its not a game of competition! It will encourage you to collaborate with others and create new ways of thinking about how to move forward. The deep insights you get from playing FreshBiz will already affect your life after one single game, and one of the things that our players love to share about, is that the more they play, the deeper and more rich their insights get!

Just the notion of collaboration and leveraging partnerships is so mind-blowing for people because they realize that they’ve been stuck for so long in this mindset of constant competition.  Competitive thinking affects personal relationships, where even your friends and family can turn into competitors, when it doesn’t have to be this way! After playing one game, FreshBiz can affect relationships with your partners, children, friends, etc. and will sharpen your skills so you can take more chances with confidence.

As a game creator…what games do you like to play? 
Gafni*Laughs* I must say, I really like the Robert Kiyosaki game, Cashflow. Its a non-competitive, financial education game that really helps you grow, and I like games that enact change in thinking. Other than that I really enjoy card games and soccer games for the Playstation.

Ronen talks about the ability for games to profoundly change perspective. Take a game too seriously and it becomes a negative experience. Take a game too jokingly and it becomes too frivolous and forgettable.  FreshBiz hits the sweetspot in the middle and really subverts our competetive thinking habits to support a more collaborative mindset that ultimately helps everyone in the end. My experience with the game has stuck in my mind and has remained as a tool of self-discovery.  There is potential to be had in all my skills, my relationships, and my environment – I just need to recognize it and FreshBiz points me in that direction.

If you’re interested in what FreshBiz could do for you, be sure to check out their website and community at and keep an eye out for their global events and workshops soon to be in Spain and India.


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