Coursera Gamification Class Review: Week 4

Coursera Gamification Class Review: Week 4


Hello #gamification12 students! Welcome to the last week of the course, the home stretch. If you were me, you would wish there were a couple more weeks to this course. A huge thanks to Prof. Kevin Werbach for putting together the course. We owe it all to him! Thanks!

Below is the review for Week 4. Just to recap, week 4 focuses on gamification design framework and design choices. In the previous week, Prof. Werbach talked about behaviorism and cognitive psychology in terms of motivation and human decision-making.

As this is the last week in the course, if you are looking to complete with a certificate, remember to do the final exam by Sun Oct. 7th by 8:59 PM PDT. You can also find the previous weeks’ material with the Coursera tag.

Edit – You may find the design framework linked in the study guide below:


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