Bunchball Announces 3 New Global Partnerships

Bunchball Announces 3 New Global Partnerships


As if you needed more indication of gamification’s wide-spreading grasp – Bunchball has officially announced three new global partnerships with Terra Global, CrowdFlower, and Think Through Learning to offer their Nitro gamification solution.

  • Terra Global is a global digital media company that is now using Nitro to engage with its 100M users for watching videos, reading articles and posting comments about soccer, F-1 racing and tennis.
  • CrowdFlower – is a micro-task crowdfunding platform that has incorporated Nitro for internal use to reward superior work from its employees. Employees who demonstrate better work capabilities can be assigned higher-paying projects.
  • Think Through Learning is an education technology firm that is applying Nitro’s capabilities to personalize and motivate students for Math learning, while using a mission and reward structure to further create a sense of achievements.

Bunchball’s global influence (and that of all other gamification platforms) and its spread to media, crowdsourcing platforms, and education firms worldwide is evidence of gamification’s growing ubiquity. It is always welcome news to hear gamification spreading across new market verticals.


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