PunchTab’s Social Loyalty Platform is Going Mobile with Giveaways

PunchTab’s Social Loyalty Platform is Going Mobile with Giveaways


Social loyalty platform provider PunchTab is leading the pack of its kind, supporting any social media platform you can think of- including Pinterest, Instagram, and SoundCloud. Having just received $5.25M in venture funding, PunchTab is looking to expand to mobile, allowing companies to run campaigns and contests and to interact with end users at the touch of a fingertip.

Punchtab’s rapid success came under the unanimous feedback that brands wanted new dimensions to interact with fans. Punchtab answered by creating a mobile platform on iOS: Giveaways (soon to be on Android). Consumers can perform all of the sharing capabilities across multiple social media (liking, +1’ing, and inviting friends to name a few) through the common PunchTab platform. A unified social loyalty platform is critical because some mobile social media apps are easier to use than other; Twitter’s mobile experience has a smoother user experience than Facebook’s mobile experience.

So what exactly is PunchTab doing by creating a mobile experience to interact with brand’s campaigns? Although the app looks fairly basic, it’s ease of use is what is driving PunchTab’s KPIs.

iPhone Screenshot 3

To this day, PunchTab helped Green Day, Nokia, and AT&T all launch Nokia Music in America, Nokia’s new music service. To get fans more engaged with the launch of Nokia Music and Green Day’s concert, PunchTab rewarded users for variety of social media actions, including: checking into an AT&T store, tweeting a message about Green Day using a certain hashtag, or liking it on Facebook,  and watching a Green Day music video. By performing as many actions as possible, fans were able to gain points and move up a leader board, with the winners earning tickets to the exclusive show.

PunchTab claims that the event doubled their expectations. The concert saw about 5,600 people entering to win tickets and 85,000 social media actions. Through content sharing over the various social media channels, this event reached a potential audience of 144 million. To those who love free things (who doesn’t), definitely give Giveaways a try!

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