Gabe’s Gamification Revolution Review

Gabe’s Gamification Revolution Review


Each week on the Gamification Revolution web show, Gabe Zichermann answers all your burning gamification questions LIVE every Monday at 1pm ET/10am PT/1800 GMT at This week’s show features Kes Sampanthar, Director of Media Strategies at Cynergy, The Experience Agency. Here’s a rundown on the topics covered this week:

  1. Kes’ beginnings with creating games and Thinkcube
  2. How to sustain engagement overtime in with small iterations
  3. The outdated science of motivation from the 90s
  4. Kes’ view of intrinsic motivation as being related to all motivators
  5. Answering a user question about using gamification for proposal and pitches
  6. Why Gabe actually does not gamify his speeches
  7. A Discussion on what money means as a motivator
  8. Some nuances in designing gamification systems across different cultures
  9. Kes’ opinion on prediction markets with abstract ideas as assets

Want to join the conversation? Be sure to catch Gabe live and ask away! We will take in live user questions and feature them in this weekly post each week. You can always tweet us questions at either GamificationCo or gzicherm as well.

Catch up with the Gamification Revolution in this week’s episode below:


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