The NY Times Features Gamification And Employee Fitness

The NY Times Features Gamification And Employee Fitness


The Gray Lady’s A Player!

On Christmas Eve The New York Times –  the paper of record – acknowledged the influence of gamification with an article which features delightful game mechanics in its online version, while the print version of the article appeared on the cover, page A1. Technology writer Nick Wingfield offered readers a basic introduction to the gamification movement with some case studies and a little bit of cotroversy as well. Online readers earned badges for reading the article, searching through it, for reading the comments and more.

Gamification Co.’s CEO Gabe Zichermann was interviewed for the article, and one statement which made the final draft  was his insistance that gamification can be used to fight fire with fire when it comes to the vexing way in which games distract people from their responsibilities:

“Games have made it hard for kids to focus to some extent and to do things like their chores. We use game concepts to get them to focus on things.”

Today,  The Times followed up with a glossy finely-cut video of a case study of gamification we showcased during GSummit 2012 back in June – how marketing startup nextJump used gamification to get  80% of their employees using their company fitness program. This video features more of Gabe explaining why games aren’t just “kid’s stuff” and how they can be applied in business for a variety of goals:

As more and more of the mainstream media picks up on the concept of gamification and introduces it to wider audience, we at Gamification Co. will always be here on the cutting edge, serving you our readers the most recent examples of how gamification is being applied to make even the most mundane aspects of life more fun, while making what’s already fun even more enjoyable.


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