Gamify your Media Through Interactive Storytelling app, dio

Gamify your Media Through Interactive Storytelling app, dio


Storytelling app dio gamifies content creation

Are you getting tired of sending and receiving pictures from family and friends? Are you ready to step it up a notch? Let’s try sharing experiences instead.

The creators of Second Life, Linden Labs, have introduced the beta phase of dio. This new interaction creator allows you to gamify your pictures, videos, other media for fun to share with people you already know or with the public. Users can upload pictures and create adventures from them with a  similar feeling to tabletop RPGs.

Within the adventures players of the game can leave comments, talk to people within the narrative, and interact with the environment. There is no limit to what you can create. It’s possible to recreate events such as a wedding, create new meetings and events, or even design a magical fantasy adventure. All of your pictures from your last vacation are starting to sound a lot more interesting!

Although dio is still in the beta phase, there are some really interesting adventures awaiting any eager explorers. The available pages currently range from a trip to San Francisco’s Chinatown to a reenactment of Alice’s adventure in Wonderland, and even living from the point of a view of a drug mule. The possibilities are endless.

Feeling adventurous?

Creating a game is relatively easy. You start off with a blank page and no rooms, so you have complete control over the environment you create. It can be a simple text adventure, or it can be a living and breathing interaction of one of your fondest memories. There are many ways within dio to gamify your media – try out different methods and see which ones you like most.

The cool thing here is the potential to make money. Linden Lab producer Bo Barfield goes to say “We want to implement revenue sharing with the content creators of dio to give people an incentive to create interesting spaces. We’re going to give them a cut of the advertising revenue that they bring.” Did you ever think your trip to Hawaii could bring you cash? Now it can.

Take us somewhere fun.


This new interactive game, dio, is a very interesting concept with a lot of potential. Even if you don’t feel like sharing a memory or creating a new world, it’s always fun to enjoy another world different from your own. Tolkien goes to say “Not all those who wander are lost” so maybe it’s time to try a new adventure.

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