GCo’s Picks: Games for Training Skills at GSummit 2013

GCo’s Picks: Games for Training Skills at GSummit 2013


How gamification assists in skill mastery at GSummit

Adobe and Delta Air Lines both use gamification to drive engagement with their products, which in turn produces a kind of learning and subsequent  new behavior for the engaged users. Learning is taking place in this regard but Adobe and Delta have managed to use gamification for an even higher level of learning.

Rather than creating general classes for learning, Adobe and Delta have successfully been able to use games to train people for tasks they want to accomplish and they will both be represented at GSummit 2013 to discuss their training games. 

For Adobe, their LevelUp Game is designed to teach people of all ages how to use Photoshop CS5 and CS6. Join Tacy Trowbridge, Head of Education Programs, as she guides the audience through the ways Adobe helps their users master their products.

For Delta Air Lines, their Ready, Set, Jet is created to teach frontline reservation representatives how to improve their knowledge of the job and to apply knowledge into better selling performance. Join Ryan Mizusaki, General Manager of Reservation Field Support & Learning, as he explains how Delta created an effective game model in only 6 months!

Only problem: Both events are happening at the same time (April 18th @ 1:50 PM). Which will you attend? 

1. Tacy Trowbridge’s LevelUp: Gamifying Learning at Adobe 

Ever tried to learn software but found it awfully complex? Does Photoshop ring a bell? Well, Photoshop CS5 and CS6 have a game similar to Microsoft Word’s Ribbon Hero 2.0 called LevelUp — a mission-based game that teaches the core skills of their flagship software.  It is a game that is helping people of all ages to learn the complex interface of Photoshop. Tacy explains the details of this game further and discusses how games like this can be used to teach employees useful skills. If you are interested in practical skill development, this is one for you!               

2. Ryan Mizusaki’s Ready, Set, Jet Employee Social Travel Game

Too many E-learning techniques and training programs have proved annoying more than helpful when it comes to employee skill development. That is because your employees want to learn in fun ways. If there is one thing I have learned about gamification is that the brain is always engaged by incorporating fun. Now, we all get the chance to see a prime example of how Delta Air Lines applies social gaming with rewards to be effective teaching tools for increasing job knowledge, improving customer service, and bettering sales performance. If you are interested in employee skill development, this one is not to miss!  

In either case, you can be sure to discover innovative learning techniques that can really change your perspective on education. To see even more talks at GSummit, check out the full agenda and join the conference next week!

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