Introducing ReadSocial App: A Revolutionary Way to Read

Introducing ReadSocial App: A Revolutionary Way to Read


ReadSocial App Makes Reading Social!

In conjunction with the release of Gabe Zichermann and Joselin Linder’s newest book, The Gamification Revolution, also comes the release of ReadSocial App: the world’s first gamified social reading application by Dopa Labs

ReadSocial App creates social communities around books, allowing readers to connect directly with authors, discuss hot topics from the book, and deepen their understanding about the book’s ideas.

We believe ReadSocial App is a great way to transform the solitary activity of reading into a forum of great ideas and discussion with readers around the world. Users will be able to easily create, read, and share notes from each chapter and create discussion threads through a simple commenting system. The web app also features a web-responsive design and maintains the same great user experience across all mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Even if you fall victim to placing down a book and forgetting about it, ReadSocial App features a notification system that will notify you when people like or comment on your ideas and encourage you to get back into the book. Consider ReadSocial App the world’ first buddy support system for books! And it’s a resourceful buddy at that — each chapter contains relevant twitter accounts and keywords to make discussions with third parties even quicker and easier.

ReadSocial App also has gamification mechanics to enrich the reading experience even further. Progress bars have been designed to track completion of the book and unique challenges in each chapter can be completed to unlock exclusive supplemental content. Notifications, challenges, and social charing allows every reader to get feedback and remain in the engagement loop.

Additionally, ReadSocial App isn’t just a fun experience for readers, it also provides valuable information for the content creators as well. Authors and publishers can use ReadSocial App to know their audience better with the app’s analytics on the most popular chapters, the hottest discussions with users, and even information about user demographics.

One of the first books to support ReadSocial App is The Gamification Revolution and the conversation is already heating up with comments by the readers and authors appearing in the app’s first few sections.

Check out the first social reading experience for yourself at

We are also currently looking for new authors who want to build engaged communities around their books. Are you an author who wants to increase user interaction with your work? Do you have a favorite book that you’d love to stay inside long after you’ve closed the last page?

Let us know at or on Twitter @readsocialapp.


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  1. I think the application has it’s potential but to me this is not a good example for gamification… true – it has badges and ‘challenges’ and all, but I cannot imagine how these contribute to the engagement. I would consider a more subtle approach for gamification in this app and not a ‘in your face’ one