What Attendees are Saying About GSummit 2013: Day 1

What Attendees are Saying About GSummit 2013: Day 1


A Focus on Our Favorite Tweets from GSummit 2013.

GSummit 2013 is fast underway and attendees aren’t wasting any time tweeting about their experience here.

Everyone attending is actively participating and giving feedback by posting real-time reactions to Twitter during talks, events, and even the awesome lunch trucks. Between Mario Herger’s Enterprise Gamification Certification Workshop and Gabe Zichermann’s Advanced Gamification Certification Event, those in attendance have posted many insightful, engaging, and unintentionally hilarious tweets. Below are some of our favorite tweets and quotes from the festivities today.

“there will always be cheating!” @mherger #gsummit

“It’s not only important to think of how to start a game, but also to consider the exit strategy. @mherger #gsummit

#GSummit – I’ve got to start the scavenger hunt early for things I forgot to pack!”

“Men tend to compete when there is any chance to win, women tend to compete when there is a high chance. @mherger #gsummit

“I’m the King of !” – @gzicherm says in his head, at the Gamification Certification Workshop:…http://instagram.com/p/YLnH5IQWg-/

“Equal Pay for Monkeys #gsummit @mherger http://youtu.be/-dMoK48QGL8 

“Some people never get to the “game” because they’re busy mod’ing their avatar – but they are still engaged! @mherger #gsummit

@gzicherm #gsummit there are 4 archetypes of players: achievers, socializers, explorers and killers (sic). Which type are you?”

As you can see, the attendees of GSummit2013 are actively participating and engaged. Using Twitter allows us to start conversations in real-time and to inform those not present at a certain event. Day 1 is finished but there’s still Wednesday and Thursday to be active on Twitter and to have your voice be heard. Who knows? Maybe GCo will feature your tweet in the future.

Keep on tweeting, gamifiers!

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