Why Gamification is Important as a Gamer

Why Gamification is Important as a Gamer


Gamification Levels Up your Life Skills

As a lifelong gamer I’ve always considered video game mechanics to be in a league of their own. I find gaming to create a sense of interaction and engagement not found in other media. Whether it’s an experience point system such as seen in a role-playing game (RPG) or an acquired ability to problem solve from a puzzle game, there’s something special about gaming that appeals to our emotions to make us invested in a story or idea.

When I first heard the term ‘gamification’ I thought to myself “Hey there’s a word for it!” because I’ve always applied game mechanics to my own life. When it’s my birthday I don’t grow a year older; I level up. When I feel more educated in class I don’t learn something – my skill points increase. Jogging? You get the idea.

With an ever-changing social media and online landscape it’s time for people to stand out, be innovative, and make their actions count. Many internet sites and companies are satisfied with simple text and video content for people to look at; but many media consumers will become bored easily because of no emotional connection to the product they’re involved in. People need engagement, interaction, fun, and a reason to be involved in a company. People need a game to play.

By using gamification,  job seekers surely have an edge over others – it’s the way some of the best businesses succeed. I learned to read from gaming so as far as I’m concerned there is no better way to success and happiness than through gaming and game mechanics. There are so many job seekers out there with limited spots available, so in order to have an edge on competition us gamers need something for us to stand above others. Do you remember the first time you made a custom character with an awesome skill set? Let’s put this unique way of thinking to use and become that awesome character.

Gamers, don’t deny it. You’ve sat in class, work, or problem-solved elsewhere and thought to yourself “Pch, this puzzle isn’t nearly as hard as the one I solved last week.” or you’ve at least used problem solving methods from a game in real life. You have looked at a test and called it a ‘boss battle’ and used your pen as your sword and your brain as your magic. Gamification is the utilization of these mechanics and methods in a real setting. The boss battles might not be a dragon, but life is still pretty interesting when it’s gamified.

How do I use all of my awesome gaming knowledge and skills? Well, gamification! That’s why I’m here; I want to put my years of gaming to use in an outside-the-box way to solve everyday problems. GSummit 2013 will be an amazing event where industry leaders come together to show us how they used gamification to better their business, and how we can too. I’m excited to be attending GSummit to see where the future is heading and how I can be a part of it. If you aren’t able to attend GSummit in person then I highly recommend at least checking out the constant news feed to hear about all the awesome things going on in the world of gamification, media, and technology. I believe this increased knowledge will help with your magic stat or mana pool, but I could be mistaken.

We’re gamers. Final Fantasy taught us math and reading. Tetris taught us puzzle solving. SimCity taught us planning and balance. Castlevania got us interested in classic literature. Portal taught us that the cake is indeed, a lie. Let’s take everything gaming has taught us and apply it to our lives. Let’s embrace gamification.

Flickr image via Analea Styles.


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