The Best of Health Gamification in 2013

The Best of Health Gamification in 2013

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Our Top Stories of Gamifying Health in 2013

In our next collection from the best gamification stories of 2013, we have a cornucopia of healthy gamified applications for everyone to check out. Gamification Co readers were most interested in seeing new health apps in 2013 and we have about 20 of the top health apps for you to check out here.

Here’s to seeing even more at 2014! (Especially with all that new stuff at CES)




Gamify Your Life: Gamification Apps for Self-Improvement


Tools for self-improvement! Check out Jane McGonigal’s Superbetter and HabitRPG to accomplish your future goals.


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6 Gamified Fitness Apps For Running


We collected 6 apps to make the running experience better. Don’t give up on your resolutions (It’s week 2 come on now) before giving a few of these a shot.


Market Ripe for Health and Wellness Gamification Startups


What’s it looking like for new companies tackling health with gamification? 62% of employers consider gamification the most effective strategy in encouraging employees to improve their health and at least 31% will adopt at least one new health-related gamification strategy in the coming year.


A Comprehensive Overview of How Games Help Healthcare in 2013


Dyslexia, Severe Burns, Autism, physical therapy, surgical skills, and pharmaceuticals were all receiving treatments in playful fun in 2013.


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3 More Ways Gamification in Healthcare is Making a Difference


Need even more convincing? Gamification is also making strides in assisting healthcare in the world of simulation learning, educating health professionals, and managing chronic illness.


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