Gabe’s Gamification Office Hours Review

Gabe’s Gamification Office Hours Review

gabe zichermann

Gabe Answers Your Questions on the Gamification Revolution

After a long hiatus going on a massive trip around the world for GSummit Global, Gabe Zichermann returns to our weekly Gamification Revolution show to give readers some updates on our online gamification certification courses and to answer some questions from the audience.

Learn more about:

  • How to find gamification-related jobs
  • Gamifying work “offline”
  • The potential danger of “over-gamifying” and desensitizing users
  • The danger of making systems too fun and distracting
  • Approaching CRM gamification

Check out the full video below and be sure to watch the Gamification Revolution every Thursday at 1 PM ET. Catch Gartner Analyst Brian Burke this week to discuss his finding and research on gamification future and ask him questions.

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