Kolibree Brings Gamification To Your Teeth

Kolibree Brings Gamification To Your Teeth


Become a Ninja of Toothbrushing with Kolibree

A new type of toothbrush is looking to change the health world. Kolibree, a French startup, has developed a Bluetooth-enabled toothbrush that connects to your smartphone or tablet, tracks and displays your brushing habits, and allows you to compete for being the best brusher of teeth in the family!

A Kolibree is a whole new kind of toothbrush. It may look like an electric toothbrush many of us know and use, but it is so much more than meets the eye. The toothbrush is equipped with sensors that gather data on where and how you brush your teeth. The toothbrush then sends this information to your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth.

This is where Kolibree’s gamification aspect comes in. As you brush, a timer on your phone counts down two minutes, the recommended time to brush your teeth. After you finish brushing, the Kolibree application on your device analyzes how your brushed your teeth and any areas you may have missed.

You earn badges based on your daily use of the application and how well you brush your teeth. Creators of Kolibree thought this would be a great incentive for anyone, particularly kids who often dislike brushing their teeth.


However, incorporating games into your daily routine to make you do for the recommended time it is not all that Kolibree creators want to achieve with their high tech invention. They want the gamified toothbrush to improve your dental hygiene. Sometime in the very near future you could be sending your dentist daily data about your dental care, and your dentist would provide you with advice in real time based on your personalized data.

Kolibree is currently raising $70,000 through its Kickstarter campaign, which is going very well. Get on the Kolibree bandwagon and follow them on Twitter at @Kolibree for news and updates.

Would you use the new smart toothbrush? Do you think this would improve your dental health?