How Boeing Gamifies Software Development Training With Football

How Boeing Gamifies Software Development Training With Football


Everyone Loves Football

Gabe talked to Boeing’s process analyst Ryan Kleps on our weekly Gamification Revolution webinar to learn about Ryan’s work in the aerospace giant’s IT and training departments, where gamification has emerged as a successful technique for teaching software developers.

What started as a search for a more agile approach to supplement the existing software development processes, resulted in a new approach to training. The first iteration of Ryan’s gamified training program is football-themed, and came from his experience with teaching kids. He figured that adults would like football just as much as kids, and he was right. Class survey results were outstanding, and football terminology like ‘yardage’, ‘flags’ and timed ‘game’ became ubiquitous and motivated people to achieve more.

Watch the full webinar below to learn about the actual steps and techniques used, which included splitting the class into teams and breaking material into 30-minute ‘Pomodoros‘. If, like us, you have been following previous Gamification Revolution webinars, you will not be surprised that even at a highly technological company like Boeing can benefit from relatively low-tech gamification techniques. As Ryan notes, an important element of Boeing’s gamified training success lies in merging elements of knowledge to the micro-reward of doing something in the class, like having a break, getting up etc., where IT is by far not a requirement.

This, and much more, in this dynamic 30-minute discussion! Ryan will also be speaking at GSummit 2014 this year June 10-13 in San Francisco along with other 55+ speakers.

Enjoy the webinar and be sure to catch our next episode of the Gamification Revolution next Thursday, May 29 at 1 PM ET!

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