Gamified Mobile App Helps Save the Earth

Gamified Mobile App Helps Save the Earth


Get Rewards For Going Green

With climate change consistently making headlines in recent news, making efforts to go green seems more important now than ever. Making the right choices in regards to the environment can be challenging for those who do not have extensive knowledge in the area. Thankfully, developers have created a new mobile app that provides insight and incentive towards making good environmental choices. Recyclebank (@Recyclebank) is a gamified mobile app that rewards making environmentally friendly choices with a variety of perks.


After users earns points via Recyclebank’s interactive features, they can redeem them on a wide array of rewards. Points can be spent on anything from gift cards and magazine subscriptions to home beauty products. The perks often further emphasize living green. Earning points is easy: the user views and reads different interactive features, which encourage taking steps to reduce waste and conserve energy. Recyclebank educates the reader and provides suggestions for day-to-day activities that can be modified for the benefit of the environment. Some examples are tips for making sure appliances are running efficiently, new ways to recycles products that are often overlooked, or descriptions of how alternative modes of transportation can positively impact the environment.

Education is the strongest tool against avoiding environmental disaster. While many reputable scientist such as Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye have argued climate change is the number one most important issue needing to be addressed by current society, the general population still seems to be underestimating the problem. Recyclebank uses gamification to urge steps in the right direction while making it a fun and educational process. Creating incentives and providing accessible knowledge is the first step towards solving the problem.


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