Mazda Massive Test Drive in Cinemas and at GSummit 2014

Mazda Massive Test Drive in Cinemas and at GSummit 2014


Getting More People in Mazda Driver Seats

To launch the 2014 Mazda3, Mazda Canada and their agency, JWT partnered with Cineplex Odeon theaters and Timeplay to create the world’s first dual screen in-cinema driving game that leveraged the mobile accelerometer. Their social driving game turned every phone into a wheel, and every seat in the theater into the driver’s seat for an immersive night race experience. The ultimate goal: getting players to sign up for a real test drive.


Player engagement results were impressive, so we had representatives from all 3 organizations come to GSummit and engage attendees with another group race.



A Special GSummit 2014 Viewing

Chris Page (@chrspage), Group Creative Director of JWT, Aaron Silverberg, VP of Marketing at TimePlay, and Michael Tsang (@mtsang8), Supervisor of Interactive Marketing at Mazda in Canada recreated the driving game for the audience on stage, and showed the process from different points of view to showcase how it was created, and explained how gamification impacted the experience. This is what players in Canada, and also GSummit attendees were able to experience live:




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