Making Agile Development Fun with FIEA’s Scrum Hero

Making Agile Development Fun with FIEA’s Scrum Hero


Combining Game Development Learning with Gamification Mechanics

Last time, we featured Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy’s (FIEA) head of marketing, Todd Deery (@FIEA) to discuss how he and former student Derrick Barra remodeled a game development curriculum by merging Scrum processes (Agile software development practices) with gamification elements.
Watch the full interview below to learn about:
  • How Scrum Hero was originally conceived and subsequently iterated.
  • The impact of emergent gameplay and how it was rectified.
  • Lessons drawn from building the two previous versions of Scrum Hero.
  • How to bring gamification concepts into the non-game design education realm.
  • FIEA past experiences working with external organizations on gamification projects.
  • How to connect teaching game development skills while building awareness for cross industry application.
Watch the video below and be sure to catch our next episode of the Gamification Revolution.

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