#nwplyng Gamified Music Sharing Mobile App

#nwplyng Gamified Music Sharing Mobile App


Gamification in mobile apps continues to rise each day. #nwplyng joined the music app industry this past summer. #nwplyng offers a new way for mobile customers to engage in music sharing with a gamification angle added on. #nwplyng was founded by Utsav Agarwal, who combined his love of music with his interest in products that produce conversation and sharing into this new mobile app.

To start using #nwplyng, you have to have either a Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare login. It links up to your profile on these sites. You currently cannot login to #nwplyng without an account at one of the three sites listed above. #nwplyng has aspects that are very similar to other music sharing apps, and a few features that set it apart. The visual layout of the application has a minimalist and clean feel to it. It is easy to navigate between the different functions of #nwplyng.


#nwplyng allows users to share the music that they are listening to. They can tag the music that they are playing on their phone. Users can also hold their phone up to music playing around them, similar to Shazam, and the application will identify the song. In addition to being able to share the songs you are listening to, you are able to add comments to the song and tag your current location or tag an image to accompany the song. From there, you can share this information with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.

The application encourages users to engage in the social aspect of the app by awarding users “Records.” The more a user shares their music and comments on their friends’ music choices, they earn more points towards unlocking new “Records.” #nwplyng also has special awards that users can earn by playing certain artists frequently. Users can become “Managers” of that band. They are also levels to climb in the application, which can be earned through adding friends, music, and being an active contributor to discussions.

This new music gamification mobile app aims to connect users socially through music. It looks to deepen people’s bonds with one another through a shared love of music. It stands to be seen if this new application will spawn similar copies, and create a new genre in gamification mobile apps. Do you think this new mobile application will help deep users connections to one another, or alienate others by pulling people more into their mobile devices?


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