The SMART Playbook Will Teach Your Kids The Basic Social Etiquette

The SMART Playbook Will Teach Your Kids The Basic Social Etiquette


Learning Manners Has Never Been More Playful

While gamification has already made for some profitable business marketing ventures, the concept is also being applied to a variety of other mediums and outlets. As it turns out, books also provide some wonderful opportunities for games in education.

The SMART Playbook: Game-Changing Life Skills for a Modern World is an award-winning children’s book written by Suzanne M. Wind (@suzanne_wind) that introduces valuable life lessons to kids with the help of some powerful gamified elements. Wind uses over 100 games and activities to “help children ages 6-12 gain confidence, character, integrity and empathy in face-to-face situations and technology usage.”

The SMART Elements

Games focus on five central themes: S for social manners, M for mealtime etiquette, A for art of conversation, R for restaurant conduct, and T for Internet safety and responsibility (aka ‘technology talk’). The book is about teaching children how to approach life with grace, dignity, pride and maturity.

The interactive nature of the book makes learning these lessons fun and engaging. Simply by adding basic gaming elements, Wind creates an intuitive, immersive journey for children and parents to together explore the complexities of growing up.

Gamification is motivating children to learn about and navigate the social world. The author’s drive is to bring traditional civility back to a time she believes is deprived of real social skills necessary for lifelong happiness.

Plus, it works! Using a gamified approach offers a tangible ambition for youngsters. They get to earn real rewards (like points and completed missions) while learning valuable life skills.

The book is esteemed by educators and parents alike as the “affordable solution for bringing manners to a new generation.” With rave reviews and countless awards, the SMART Playbook succeeds at integrating classic and modern mediums of education. Is it going to be on your back-to-school reading list? Head on over to the book’s website for freebies and more information.

Gamification in books is a new, barely explored frontier that has already been proven effective for educational purposes. How else can this mixing of mediums be used in the future?


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