A Mobile App That Will Help You Discover Yourself

A Mobile App That Will Help You Discover Yourself


A Gamified Personality Test

500 B.C., a new entertainment media company, recently paired up with Digital Management (DMI), a provider of mobile enterprises and services, to create a new mobile application. The new mobile application is entitled Game of You.  This new gamification startup aims to take users on a stimulating quest to promote wellness and discover a deeper view of themselves and their connection to the world.

The founders of 500 B.C. (@500BC_Boris) originally started their business as a website. The mission of the website was to connect internet users to the wisdom of the ages. They believe that there is lots of ancient wisdom and knowledge that people would benefit from today if they just had access to it.


500 B.C. partnered with DMI to take their website mobile. They worked together to create a new gamification mobile app that would allow users to interact with their game and concept in a more engaging way. Their mobile application is available for both iPhone and Android mobile devices.

Game of You uses gamification to promote wellness and self-discovery by connecting them to ancient wisdom and applying that wisdom to where user is at today. The application Game of You wants to connect users mind, body, heart and spirt and help users learn “What can I do today to live better?”

On the startup screen of Game of You, it shows a pyramid of different traits, including energy, endurance, happiness, strength, mind, body, spirit and heart. There are three cycles – apprentice, scholar, master – with five levels of growth that users go through in order to master each cycle.

In order to grow through each level and cycle, users engage in daily quizzes. After engaging in daily quizzes, users are provided with wisdom, encouragement and facts that are suppose to help users connect with their inner selves. Users are guided through Game of You by a boar. The boar is supposed to symbolize the user’s inner warrior.

According to Carol Phelan-Marsh, founder and CEO of 500 B.C., she feels that “consumers have mastered birds, words and farms – but the true test is to discover ourselves.” She feels that our ancestors have left us with information that can help people today thrive. She wants her business and application to allow users to learn ancient wisdom in a fun way. Ms Phelan-March feels that “500 B.C. is a game-changer that cultivates a culture of healthy habits in a fun, humorous and actionable way.”

Only time will tell if this new gamified app will engage users’ mind, body and spirit through the application of ancient wisdom and the friendly boar avatar.


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