Mini Hug Tackles Quality Parenting With Gamification

Mini Hug Tackles Quality Parenting With Gamification


Creative Mobile App Imagined by Daughter And Built By Dad

Have you been trying to improve your parenting and spend more time with your kids? A new gamification startup, Mini Hug, may be able to help you become a better parent.

Available for free from the App Store, Mini Hug (@MiniHugApp) is an app for parents and their children to use together. The application keeps track of the kinds of activities parents and children do together. It also keeps track of how much time is spent on each activity.

Currently, Mini Hug lets users keep track of over 30 different activities. The activities range from homework, cooking and swimming to playing a game together. More activities will be added to the application soon.


You can even add pictures to Mini Hug. Mini Hug allows users to save pictures of activities you and your child do together so everything you do together can be stored in one place.

The gamification aspect of Mini Hug is accomplished through points. Parents earn points for each activity they do with their child. Families can track the points they earn on either a monthly, weekly or daily basis. In addition, Mini Hug lets parents and children see what activities they do the most and the least. It makes this information easy to view via a pie chart.

Mini Hug hopes parents will be motivated to spend more time with their children in order to earn more points. Mini Hug provides some peer motivation with leader boards. Users can see how many points their friends have and who spends the most time with their kids.

The best thing about Mini Hug? The idea came from a child. At the time, seven-year-old Lia came up to her father with an idea for the mobile application. She wanted to make an app that would help her friends and their parents spend time together and give each other lots of hugs.

Lia and her father, Erwan Mace, the CEO of a Singapore-based mobile apps development firm Bitsmedia, worked together to create the application. Lia came up with the idea for the name, Mini Hugs. They worked together to create the feature list and wireframes.

Lia and her father posted a design contest on 99designs to find a designer for their application. Lia personally went through each submission and ranked them every day, eventually choosing her favorite designer. Although her father Erwan Mace did a lot of the development of the application, he worked on Mini Hugs together with his daughter whenever possible.

Their father daughter creation is now available for free download. Do you think Mini Hugs can help you become a better parent?


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  1. I downloaded the app. It’s pretty simple. What I really need is an app compels me to keep using it. I know that’s what the gamified experience is supposed to do. I just don’t find it interesting enough to keep using. If, that changes I’ll let you know.

  2. this may be a silly comment about gamification, but even though the app should compel you to continue using it…..when it comes to wellness applications, sometimes it is the self-discipline of continuous use that will show an app’s value in the long term

    apps like this can be anchor points for someone to just “keep track”…not as a substitute