Expand Your Geography Knowledge with Google Smarty Pins

Expand Your Geography Knowledge with Google Smarty Pins


Make something fun, and everyone is willing to play. The gamification of apps and teaching makes it more palatable for nearly everyone. It has been an-up-and coming trend, with games taking a more serious and education tone. Schools are increasingly investigating ways to enrich their content through games.

Google Smarty Pins

It was only a matter of time before Google caught on. Welcome to Google Smarty Pins! This app utilizes the already popular Google Maps and allows the player to demonstrate their knowledge of (or lack thereof) geography to identify places based on trivia, clues, and descriptions. Best of all, it is free. It can be accessed here on any browser or through the Google Maps app on the App Store or Google Play.

How to play


There are six categories to choose from:

  • Featured Topics
  • Arts & Culture
  • Science & Geography
  • Sports & Games
  • Entertainment
  • History and Current Events

You are given 1000 miles upon choosing a category. Every time you answer a question correctly, your mileage grows. Bonus points are given for timely answers. You lose points from each mile off the mark you are from the correct location. When your score reaches zero your game is over.

This game stresses accuracy. Not only does one need to determine the correct answer, they need to be able to locate it on a map. Not as easy as it sounds, but definitely fun.

smarty-pins-sampleEducation + Games = ?

Education has taken a lot of criticism lately as people feel that standards may be slipping and students aren’t getting the support they need. Engagement through games may be just what schools need. This game is perfect for people of all ages. Students could benefit from this game both in the classroom and at home.

It is never a bad idea to expand your knowledge. Gamification is a great way to promote educational growth and development. Games are slowly becoming a part of many different industries.


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