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Video of My Google Tech Talk


I gave this talk at Google on October 26th. It was really well received and it was great to meet everyone. Google headquarters was really impressive- especially the coffee! There was a lot of broadcasting and the video is now up and you can watch it right here. It’s slightly similar to some other talks I’ve given but I thought some of you would find it interesting:


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  • Michael Hardt

    I want to thank you for this talk. I’ve followed Raph Koster and Henry Jenkins for a while, but I was delighted to hear your perspective.

    I’m curious about whether you play traditional games for pleasure yourself. I mean, like board games or video games, not incentive programs and the like. You seem to have almost an outsider’s view of the whole thing.

  • Michael Kim

    Hi, Gabe! We met at Casual Connect in Seattle after Tim’s gamification panel you were on. I’ve seen you give this a couple times now and I appreciate how you’ve honed & updated your talk over time.

    You make a very strong and thought-provoking statement there at the end: “intrinsic motivation is dead”. I’m very curious what your perspective is then on Behavioral Economics and their general current view that extrinsic rewards are weak force (to borrow from Physics), e.g., Alfie Kohn’s “Punished by Rewards”, Dan Pink’s “Drive”, Daniel Kahneman’s work/TED talk, etc….?

    Our company’s work is highly involved in this very tension so your thoughts are much appreciated! Looking fwd to seeing you at Gamification Summit…

    • admin

      Hi Michael:

      I’m not sure if intrinsic motivations are dead per se, but I’m dubious about the prospects for any business that intends to *rely* on intrinsic motivations alone to drive their revenues going forward.


  • David “CrazyKinux” Perry

    Wonderful lecture you gave Gabe. It’s something I’ll use over and over as I spread the word in my corner of the InterTubes!

    Let me know if you ever come up north to Montreal!

  • Shaomeng

    what’s behind status? power&control? Giving advanced player more power seems to be a very “twisted” engaging mechanism.

  • Jonathan Marks

    This superb video really messed up a research paper I was writing. I had to start again. And yet I am so grateful.

    In the broadcast industry in Europe, people seem to be wrapped up in a discussion of crossmedia versus transmedia. And yet it is none of these. Your video, and the subsequent talks at the Summit, showed me how far behind the shouters are and that the future is definitely one of sharing ideas.

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