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Where “The G Word” Fits in the Designer’s Toolbox

This Interview was conducted by Clark Buckner from (they provide coverage content on gamification trends (including gamification in the workplace, sales gamification software and teaching games software). Fresh off of his presentation at GSummit 2014, “Gamification as a Strategy,” Dopamine’s behavioral design expert Ankit spoke to TechnologyAdvice’s Clark Buckner about “the G word,” Dopamine’s custom-tailored solutions for [...]

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The Mobile App That Rewards You For Taking Your Medication

Mango Health Improves Adherence to Medication with Gamification Mango Health (@MangoHealth) offers a new type of game in the health field – one that aims to help users remember to take their medication. Former executives from the ngmoco, a mobile gaming company, wanted to create an application that would help people remember to take their medication. The [...]

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Brazilian Taxi Drivers Learn English Before World Cup With Voxy

Learn English By Reading Your Tweets And The News While children start learning their first language with basic words, more research is showing that adults learn a new language faster when they start with relevant words and phases used in their everyday conversations.  Game-based learning can help stimulate the mind to recall these new words and [...]

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GCo Revisits The Gamification of Parenting

GAMIFY YOUR GROUNDED KIDS’ WAY OUT The weekend has come, and parents of young kids know what that means: no escape from the kids for two days! To help you manage we’re revisiting the concept of the gamification of parenting. The Huffington Post recently reported on a mom who designed her own gamification methods to ground her kids. [...]

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Why Eve Online’s Economist Thinks Bitcoin Could Be a Scam

A QUESTION OF TRUST If someone introduced a new currency, would you trade your hard-earned cash for it?  Who would determine the value of the new currency?  How would it be regulated to maintain value?  These are the questions being asked about bitcoin, which is a “cryptocurrency.” And, make no mistake, it’s gamified. Yet the [...]

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Flow Versus Deliberate Practice in Designing Player Engagement

“Gold medals aren’t really made of gold. They’re made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts.” - Dan Gable I have noticed that the terms “flow” and “deliberate practice” are being used interchangeably in the gamification community. This leads to misinterpretations that I feel should be addressed. The term “flow” is one of the [...]

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Gamification is Scientifically Validated – Now What?

Since the beginning of the gamification movement, we’ve had our fair share of naysayers. Some have been academics, others simply impassioned folks with strong opinions. At their most charitable, these critics have stated – as fact – that basic gamification mechanics simply won’t (can’t) work. At their worst, they’ve accused us of being manipulative, under-informed [...]

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CrowdMed Startup Uses Gamification To Help Patients Find Diagnoses

Crowdsourced Dr House Fills a Niche in Creative Diagnostics A new gamification startup, CrowdMed (@CrowdMed), has broken into the gamified health field with a unique mobile application that is looking to change how rare diseases are diagnosed. CrowdMed targets two different audiences. First, the company targets patients who have bounced around from doctor to doctor looking for a diagnosis that fits [...]

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Lambton College Set To Roll Out Gamification Application In Six Courses This Fall

Gamification Enters College Curriculum Lambton College in Sarnia, Ontario is set to roll out a new gamification application that will help teach the course material to its students in six of its college courses this coming fall. This Canadian college (@LambtonCollege) is hoping that by incorporating games in education in a way that connects with today’s students, they will increase [...]

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UltimEyes: Why Staring At This Mobile App Can Actually Help Your Eyes

EXERCISE THAT CORTEX! Gamification mobile apps  enter the field of neuroplasticity with UltimEyes, an app now available for tablets and other mobile devices.  An article in Popular Mechanics focuses on the new app and how it improves eyesight through neuroplasticity, the re-wiring of the brain by forming new neural pathways.  The app was developed by a [...]

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How A Bottle Cap Can Make Friends Out of Strangers

A SOCIAL GAME Who knew that a coke friendly bottle can make friends out of strangers? Coca Cola is the most famous and most widely consumed soft drink on the planet. Drinking coke is often a shared experience, at a party, or on a first date, especially between teenagers who are below the legal age [...]

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