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This Video Game Could Become a New Alzheimer’s Testing Tool

GLEAMING INFORMATION FROM VIDEO GAME SCORES Neurological disorders have been in the news lately in large part due to the stunning revelation of Robin Williams’ Parkinson’s diagnosis and the viral ice bucket challenge campaign to raise money and awareness for ALS.  Meanwhile, the diagnosis rate of  another neurological disorder, Alzheimer’s Disease, has been steadily climbing [...]

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Wikistrat’s International War Games Bring Crowd-Sourced, Gamified Solutions to Geopolitical Issues

Daniel Green, co-founder and CTO of Wikistrat, spoke at GSummit 2014 on an intriguing topic: How Gamification Motivates All Age Groups: Or How to Get Retired Generals to Play Games Alongside Students and Interns. Wikistrat, a crowdsourced consulting company, leverages a worldwide network of experts from various industries to solve some of the world’s geopolitical [...]

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Swedes Test an Exciting Future: Less Work, More Play

Gothenburg Is Testing a 6 Hour Work Days Based on Positive Evidence In Sweden, citizens have really taken the adage “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” to heart. In fact, the Swedes are testing the waters of a very enticing future – work less, play more. Some experts in Sweden want to prove [...]

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Help Beat Cancer – Play a Mobile Space Game!

A Serious Game Helps Analyze Complex Cancer Research Data Although serious games have many uses – employee engagement, marketing and learning among them – one area that may prove as a surprise is cancer research. After all, researchers don’t need games, and cancer research cannot be done by just anyone, right? Play to Cure: Genes in Space [...]

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4 Suggestions for Gamification in Healthcare

SUGAR-COAT THE PILL WITH GAMIFICATION These days, it seems like you unlock a reward or achievement on every social media site and platform you use. Even sites like Wikipedia and Q&A sites like Stack Overflow have gamification concepts integrated into their community. So can the health industry be gamified too? It would surely make life [...]

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MIT Video Game Uses Crowdsourcing to Successfully Map the Brain

Join 130,000 People from 145 Countries Already Helping Neuroscience Those who think that scientists are all work and no play haven’t met MIT scientist Sebastien Seung (@SebastianSeung). In his quest to map the cells in the mammalian retina, he launched the EyeWire online game (@eye_wire). The game was first announced in late 2012 when Seung launched it [...]

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Gamifying Open and Closed Systems

Tailor Gamification to Different Types of Systems Understanding systems theory is crucial for designing successful educational and enterprise projects. There are two basic types of systems: open and closed. Closed systems are relatively stable, highly constrained and consist of repetition. In business, an example of such systems is manufacturing. Engineering metaphors work in these systems. Efficiency and [...]

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Keep The Stick: EB Games Earns Customer Loyalty With Carrots

Carrot Rewards From Down Under Move over, Bugs Bunny!  There is a new rabbit in the land down under.  His name is Buck, and he is the star of EB World, which is the customer loyalty program of EB Games in Australia.  According to the company, Buck is a “loudmouth, cheeky bunny”.  As the hero of [...]

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Where “The G Word” Fits in the Designer’s Toolbox

This Interview was conducted by Clark Buckner from (they provide coverage content on gamification trends (including gamification in the workplace, sales gamification software and teaching games software). Fresh off of his presentation at GSummit 2014, “Gamification as a Strategy,” Dopamine’s behavioral design expert Ankit spoke to TechnologyAdvice’s Clark Buckner about “the G word,” Dopamine’s custom-tailored solutions for [...]

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The Mobile App That Rewards You For Taking Your Medication

Mango Health Improves Adherence to Medication with Gamification Mango Health (@MangoHealth) offers a new type of game in the health field – one that aims to help users remember to take their medication. Former executives from the ngmoco, a mobile gaming company, wanted to create an application that would help people remember to take their medication. The [...]

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Brazilian Taxi Drivers Learn English Before World Cup With Voxy

Learn English By Reading Your Tweets And The News While children start learning their first language with basic words, more research is showing that adults learn a new language faster when they start with relevant words and phases used in their everyday conversations.  Game-based learning can help stimulate the mind to recall these new words and [...]

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