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L’Oreal uses Serious Games for Employee Recruitment

  “Reveal the Game” was developed by L’Oreal to help applicants challenge themselves in the development of a new product launch using a real-world scenario.  Applicants can compete with each other and share results via social media.  For recruiters, it is a great way to gauge actually performance and recruit the best.  According to a [...]

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How Using Games in Education Can Make Difficult Subjects Approachable

Sarah Lawrence College is not known for its sciences programs. A liberal arts school with a reputation of being a haven for artists and writers, even the brochures keep mentions of the natural sciences to a minimum. And yet it is here that I took one of the most interesting and engaging science classes in [...]

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The Internet of Things for the Masses: Increasing Engagement in a Digitized World

The Internet of Things (IoT) can be defined as the digitizing of reality, the connectedness of the real world, the online extension of … everything. Simply put, IoT is the concept of smart devices interacting with one another through an online connection. IoT technology is not necessarily new in theory or practice: uniquely-identified devices have [...]

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What Makes for a Rewarding Loyalty Program?

Ashley Tate of BigDoor and Barry Kirk of Maritz Motivation have a deep understanding of customer loyalty rewards programs. As the Director of Marketing for BigDoor, a company dedicated to helping brands and consumers engage online, Tate has seen first-hand what works in the loyalty marketing space. Similarly, as the VP of Loyalty Strategy for [...]

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Gamifying My Asthma Tests

One of the most amazing transformations using gamification has come from the medical field. Concepts using game mechanics are making their way into a myriad of medical interactions – and probably shouldn’t be super surprising by this point. However I was pleased as punch during my most recent allergist visit to find that the old-school [...]

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Video Marketing, Gaming, and Fantasy Stock Markets Collide to Create Tubbett

NDRC has helped back and support the new startup Tubett. Former Rocket Internet employees Sumit Rai and Achman Srivastava created Tubett. They created Tubett as a gamification mobile app that combines video marketing, gaming and fantasy stock markets into one application. The Market Tubett is tapping into markets that already exist and combining them to create something new. [...]

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Cricket Improves Employee Engagement With A Gamified App

Since its inception in 1999, Cricket Wireless (@Cricketnation) has been an innovator in wireless-communications in the United States. It was a pioneer in providing pre-paid, unlimited voice-and-data services. In 2011, Cricket became the first wireless provider in the country to include unlimited music in a rate plan. To address a perceived need for better ways [...]

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AMS Boosts Sales Rep Engagement With Gamified Mobile App

Qstream Powers AMS Employee Knowledge Retention American Medical Systems (AMS) has found a new way to boost employee engagement for sales personnel by using a gamified application called Qstream (@qstream). The app aims to improve employee engagement by presenting employees with challenges and rating their responses on a company-wide scoreboard. The Problem AMS was trying to solve a [...]

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In Defense of PBLs and Extrinsic Motivation

“It’s all about money, not freedom, ya’ll, okay? Nothing to do with freedom. If you think you’re free, try going somewhere without money, okay?” – Bill Hicks, comedian Much has been written in the area of enterprise gamification about intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, the basic ideas being as follows: –  Because money is considered an [...]

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How Serious Games Educate World Views (Plus Tips For Developers)

Last month the International Conference on Serious Games took place in South Africa, an entire conference dedicated to this influential and rapidly growing area of gaming. Among other keynote speakers and various workshops, Dr. Ernest W. Adams discussed how serious games aid in understanding the world. Dr. Adams is the head of the International Games Developers [...]

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Expand Your Geography Knowledge with Google Smarty Pins

Make something fun, and everyone is willing to play. The gamification of apps and teaching makes it more palatable for nearly everyone. It has been an-up-and coming trend, with games taking a more serious and education tone. Schools are increasingly investigating ways to enrich their content through games. Google Smarty Pins It was only a [...]

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