The G-List: Jesse Redniss

The G-List: Jesse Redniss


An inside look at Jesse Redniss: VP of Digital at NBC/Universal

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When asked what he’s most excited to learning at the Gamification Summit, Jesse said:

“I’m really excited to meet the various people I have been following over the past few years. The pioneers that have helped innovate and propel the emergence of “gamification” as a viable practice/science in business. In our everyday world, it’s rare to take the time to really absorb everything that’s being done outside of our own spheres…I’m excited to peak into other spheres..”

Hear Jesse talk about the past, present and future of NBC/Universal at the Gamification Summit, January 20th 2011

You can read more of Jesse’s thoughts by following him on Twitter @jesseredniss

And don’t miss hearing him speak at the Gamification Summit in January!


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