Gamification in the LA Times

Gamification in the LA Times


Our own Gabe Zichermann was recently interviewed for an article in the LA Times by Zachary Pincus-Roth that came out this weekend. The piece is called “Not Motivated? Make a Game of It” about gamification encouraging productive behavior and helping players feel more accomplished about everyday tasks in apps like EpicWin, Health Month and SCVNGR. There are a lot of interesting thoughts from other gamification experts as well, like Rajat Paharia of Bunchball. It’s a thorough look at this kind of gamification and a good read. You should definitely check it out!

The article also makes mention of the Gamification Summit (January 20-21). If you haven’t yet registered, you should do so immediately. The event will most certainly sell out and it’s the place to be if you want to hear more of this kind of insight and from speakers like Rajat. Register now!


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