Have Fun Doing Good on DailyFeats

Have Fun Doing Good on DailyFeats


You can make a positive impact one step at a time. DailyFeats is a new site with the idea of getting people to do good through small actions. These actions can be for your own benefit, for your community or even the world. The point being: one person can make a significant difference in their life and the lives of others.

You earn points and unlock stamps by completing “feats” from the catalog. These range from as simple as “Drink a cup of green tea.” to “Volunteer your time to an organization doing good.” You receive 50 points for just signing up and feats range in point value depending on how involved they are. (3 point for drinking tea for yourself, versus 15 points for volunteering)  These points can be put towards real life rewards from partner companies and discount from local merchants in your area. Some feats are even linked to partner companies, which also give you bonus points towards their offers.

You can also give props and leave comments for users about their actions in order to make friends, build community and continue to encourage each other. This also earns points for both the giver and the recipient. The front page informs you of recent feats that have been checked into around the site, making congratulating and meeting new people even easier. DailyFeats is also integrated with Facebook, which helps to add to your community right away.

Working towards a particular field of merit, such a community work or good health, will earn you special stamps. Unlike many other sites, DailyFeats actually informs you how close you are to unlocking stamps and earning other rewards. You earn bonus points for completing multiple feats in a row, encouraging users to maintain the momentum of positive actions.

The rooster on the logo for Daily Feats symbolizes a get-up-and-go attitude.  By waking up early, and helping others to rise everyday, he symbolizes a small action that can have a major impact on those around him. The community being created on Daily Feats creates a perpetual positive feedback loop wherein people can make small actions and be encouraged by other users, while everyone earns something extra in the process. Unfortunately, it would be a pretty easy system to game, since there’s no way to verify whether or not users are actually completing the actions they claim. When you initially register for the site, it asks you to tick a box to promise to treat the site and its users with respect. It makes sense for something promoting positive actions would function on the honor system. I’m hoping that the fact that people are so active on a site that tells you to “Go Do Good” will already inform what kind of behavior can be expected.


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  1. Danyell, thank you for the post – much appreciated! On the question of gaming the system, we’ve implemented a three step process that is working. First, as you noted, the most important factor is trust. Members of DailyFeats take a pledge of honesty when they sign up. Second, much like eBay, the community monitors actions. This sense of shared purpose and positive feeling is very effective at discouraging misuse. Last, we’ve implemented fraud detection algorithms that monitor for unusual volumes or types of actions.

    • Hi Veer, glad you enjoyed the post. And thanks for all that info and your anti-cheating process. Trust is very important, but it’s good to know that someone is watching as well. Just in case. 🙂