Weekly Recap: gamification around the web

Weekly Recap: gamification around the web


This week’s recap covers some great media content. Saatchi & Saatchi S produced a good introductory video on gamification and the power of games, Mashable looks at implementing SCVNGR for marketing, TNS Global asks the question, “Gamification: Future or Fail?”, and Kaila Colbin of Minimonos argues for “fail”. Also, Gabe Zichermann’s talk from TEDxKids at Brussels.


Game On, Play On!
Saatchi & Saatchi S, a strategy and communications arm of the advertising agency focused on “activating companies for good,” produced this well made introductory video in-line with the Sustainable Brands conference and their recent report on gamification. Interviews with Rajat Paharia, Nicole Lazzaro, and many other influential thinkers in using games for change.


HOW TO: Start Marketing on SCVNGR
As part of their Social Media 101 Series, Mashable has put together a tutorial on using SCVNGR for business marketing. The article provides step-by-step instructions for case studies, creating a campaign, organizing challenges, and customizing the game for your users. It also includes more tips from Chris Mahl, SVP of marketing on using game mechanics to connect with players.


Gamification: Future or Fail?
An engaging presentation on gamification by Kyle Findlay and Kirsty Alberts of TNS Global, a market research firm. The presentation looks at what gamification is and what it is not, some of the pitfalls around unintended consequences, and most interestingly, “Level 3: Experiment.” They put together a control group and a gamified group and looked at the resulting boosts to number of posts and percentage contributing vs dormant with the conclusion that “gamification appears to work.”


Forget Gamification: It’s Time for Mastery
This week’s MediaPost Online Spin section set its sights on gamification. Author Kaila Colbin, Chief Marketing Officer of Minimonos, an online virtual world, criticizes gamification as “chocolate-covered broccoli.” She argues that it doesn’t work because gamification completely misses the point of games, games “create artificial complexity because, without it, there would be nothing for you to master”. Question for debate: doesn’t the real world have many levels of complexity that present worthy quests for mastery?


TEDxKids@Brussels – Gabe Zichermann – Gamification
Our own Gabe Zichermann recently spoke at TEDxKids in Brussels. The video was released this week and gives a strong incentive to go out and play games with your children.


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