Finalists Announced for Best Use of Gamification at MITX Awards

Finalists Announced for Best Use of Gamification at MITX Awards


The Massachusetts Innovations and Technology Exchange (MITX) will be holding their annual Innovation Awards on June 16th. Categories include Best “Doing Good” Innovation, Best Commerce Game Changer, Best User Experience, and others. SCVNGR was an awardee in 2009, and with the increasing interest around gamification, MITX introduced the “Best Use of Gamification” category. Finalists have been announced amongst the Boston startup community.

The line blurs. In the old days (pre-Foursquare and SCVNGR), games were specific things that we did instead of work, or as a way to socialize with other people. Those days are over. Gaming concepts are now utilized across a range of applications to drive commerce, enhance social stature, or convey knowledge. This category recognizes applications that have effectively integrated game mechanics and gaming elements into broader applications to improve user engagement and application effectiveness.

The CityVoter Voting Platform partners with local brands and then allows participants to vote for their all time favorites. In the end local companies are awarded and users can participate in local deals. Based out of Boston, CityVoter puts together “A-Lists” for cities around the nation. Voter deals, sweepstakes, and good old fashion competition gets everyone playing for the best spot.

Isobar, a global communications agency with offices around the world, is nominated for their Social Gaming Platform. From their blog, “From billboards that literally engage the ‘man on the street,’ to in-store touch tables that can match the shoes right off your feet, Isobar will be your guide as you sample the most compelling, fresh-from-the-lab marketing ideas that promise to have consumers oohing and ahhing in the months and years ahead.” Although not strictly Boston-based, Isobar North America team leads many of the project innovate around gamification.

MeYou Health
MeYou Health aims to make users mindful of their daily routine in order to make small incremental changes towards becoming more healthy. Their Daily Challenge introduces gamification by presenting one small action at a time to “inspire you little by little to live a healthier, happier life —  all while earning points and connecting with others in the same pursuit”.

Practically Green
Practically Green is the brainchild of Susan Hunt Stevens’ quest to support sustainable living. It began as a personal project to take care of her family, but Susan’s passion soon spread into a program that anyone can be a part of. Assessment tools and direct action measure impact through a points system that “translates complex science about impact into something real people can understand.” Comprehensive data and social network integration allow people to share progress, make recommendations, and create community around sustainable living.

SCVNGR is driven by the passion of their “Chief Ninja,” Seth Priebatsch, to create a “game layer on top of the world”. The next part of that layer is SCVNGR’s LevelUp, a local deals platform which aims to solve the problem of one-time deals in offerings like GroupOn. Players can “LevelUp” to get increasingly better deals with local merchants. The current pilot program is limited to Boston, Philadelphia, and San Francisco.


Tip of the hat to Boston Innovation for Gregory Gomer’s post on the MITX Awards.


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