GList – Bunchball’s Rajat Paharia on How to Sell Gamification to Your...

GList – Bunchball’s Rajat Paharia on How to Sell Gamification to Your Organization


Today in our ongoing GList series, we’re featuring Rajat Paharia:

As the founder and Chief Product Officer of Bunchball, Rajat Paharia knows a thing or two about the gamification industry. Rajat pioneered the first gamification platform, Nitro, in 2007 and has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies to create some of the most successful gamified applications out there. In fact, Nitro has been so successful that Bunchball has actually released a free version of their platform for Salesforce. It is no secret that Rajat’s gamification experience and his education background in technology, design, and human behavior as led him to become one of the top leaders of gamification today. He and many other gamification thought leaders will be at this year’s GSummit, discussing key information about design elements, engagement, and research but how will the average attendee bring these ideas into fruition? In Rajat’s session at GSummit, he will arm you with the knowledge of his expertise and experience needed to bring gamification into your organization.  Let Rajat pave the way for you at GSummit.



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