Collaborative Consumption 2.0: The Gamified Version

Collaborative Consumption 2.0: The Gamified Version


Money can’t buy everything. “The drive to make a few dollars comes from a very different place than the drive to do a favor.” That is Micki Krimmel’s belief, co-founder of FavorTree—the first ever mobile favor-trading game. Backed by a $350K investment from the Knight Foundation’s Technology for Engagement Initiative, FavorTree aims to build stronger and safer communities in universities and neighborhoods. By gamifying the collaborative consumption model, FavorTree mixes cooperation and competition to create a fun way for people to be generous and to reciprocate  generosity. If you do a favor for a neighbor or classmate, your virtual tree will start to grow and eventually bear fruit. The fruit can then be traded in exchange for goods and services with fellow neighbors.  FavorTree is Facebook integrated so it is quick and easy to use. Sounds like fun? Help build a productive, tight-knit community by pre-registering now with 5 friends for early access.

Attached below is a flowchart of the favor-trading process:

So far, FavorTree has been test piloted in two universities. From the data gathered, the things college students need most are text books, video games, cooking supplies and rides to the airport. Being a college student, I couldn’t agree anymore. It definitely seems that FavorTree is taking the proper steps forward to building a better collaborative consumption model.


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