GCo is Looking for a Game Designer!

GCo is Looking for a Game Designer!


Want to create awesome games in a compelling and laidback startup that is doing revolutionary work in Gamification? We are looking for a talented and capable game designer to take the lead in building next generation products and engaging experiences for top retailers, brands, and within enterprises on a freelance basis. You will get the chance to work with amazing and bright individuals across many industries and within the gamification startup world.
Dopamine Inc. is a creative agency focused on fun, innovative, gamified campaigns for employees, brands, and consumers. Through innovative game design, time tested gamification strategy, and an agile, iterative development process, we aim to produce memorable, engaging, and effective game experiences.

We need smart, reliable, self-motivated people who are strong writers, creative thinkers, gifted communicators, and who have their gamification concepts down cold. The ideal candidate is someone who is extremely detail-oriented, strives for pixel perfect implementation and wants to move mountains.

We’d love to hear about your secret talents, areas of expertise, time availability, and desired hourly rate. Send it along with your contact information to letsplay@dopa.mn and we would be delighted to have a coffee or a beer to chat about bringing more fun into the world.


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