Top Articles for Consumer Gamification in 2012

Top Articles for Consumer Gamification in 2012


Some of the best moments for consumer gamification in 2012

As we continue with our Best of 2012 Series, we look at some of the top gamification articles in 2012 to engage with consumers. 2012 proved to be an interesting year as more and more companies are choosing to adopt gamification in unique ways to engage with customers. As the industry saturates in 2013, these techniques will have to refined and reiterated and keep up with some of the best examples we see here today.





Nike Fuelband Review – 5 Tips to Make it Work for You

The Nike Fuelband is a pretty and interesting device but it might not be for everyone. Depending on what you’re looking for, here are 5 tips that can help you use it in a way that makes sense for your needs.


The Happy Marriage of Augmented Reality and Gamification in Google’s Ingress Game

An internal startup at Google called Niantic Labs, led by former Google director John Hanke, has come up with an augmented reality game called Ingress that actually makes sense (and looks really fun).


Beat CAPTCHA by Playing Games with PlayThru

PlayThru is a new product by the folks at AreYouAHuman that serves as a CAPTCHA alternative by using games to stop spam-bots. Playing a game might sound more complicated but the tasks are, thankfully, very clear and simple because users only have to click and drag objects to verify their humanity.


Fantastic Delites Vending Machine Game Shows Awesome Engagement

Australian snack company Fantastic Delites set up a self-managing vending machine game that challenged onlookers to earn a free snack. From pressing a button 1000 times to dancing in front of a camera, it seemed like everyone was willing to play with the vending machine to earn a prize.


Coca-Cola takes Vending Machine Marketing to the Next Level

Coca-cola releases two vending machine games to challenge onlookers to be a Korean pop star and James Bond to win some free cola and movie tickets.


Point Scores and Wine: Making the Complicated Uncomplicated

Frequent guest blogger Jon Guerrera uses his marketing expertise to break down some of the point-scoring behind wine and offers some strategies to getting the best bang for your buck.