Top 10 Gamification Presentations at GSummit 2013

Top 10 Gamification Presentations at GSummit 2013


GSummit 2013’s Top 10 Gamification Presentations as told by Memecube

GSummit 2013 was an absolute hit this year and every one of our knowledgable speakers brought some brilliant content to the stage for everyone to learn. Many people have been asking where the slides for each presentation are and I am happy to announce that we finally have all of them uploaded and ready for viewing at

However, some speakers resonated with our audience more than others, which was very evident through the use of our conference Twitter client, Memecube and generated huge amounts of buzz. See which GSummit speakers got the most attention according to Memecube:




#10 – Andrea Kuszewski – The Science of Motivation: Neurology, Psychology, Gamification



#7 – Kris Duggan – Fighting the Engagement Crisis: The Future of Gamification


#6 – Mario Herger – Going Global with the Gamified Enterprise


#5 – Kevin Werbach – Teaching Gamification: Astonishing Successes and Lessons from MOOCs


#4 – Rajat Paharia – Loyalty 3.0: Big Data and Gamification Revolutionizing Engagement


#3 – Nicole Lazzaro – The Psychology of Fun: Transform Awareness to Impact with the Emotions from Play


#2 – Jesse Schell – The Pleasure Revolution: Why Games Will Lead the Way


#1 – Gabe Zichermann – The Gamification Revolution: How to Use Engagement as a Winning Strategy From Top to Bottom

And there you have it! These top 10 presentations were ordered based on the number of tweets that were recorded as these sessions were taking place. If you want even more supplementary materials to go with these slides, then buy GSummit Video Access to get full HD quality videos of all the speaker sessions.


  1. Thank you so much for putting this in a blog post. This is tremendous information and those resources are wonderful background to find more about the presenter and also realize the seriousness of tgamification..