Get Certified in Gamification Design Online

Get Certified in Gamification Design Online


Now offering level 2 gamification certification 

I’ve been hard at work on a bunch of cool projects, and I wanted you to be among the first to know about my latest: you can now earn your first two levels of gamification certification online, at your own pace.

In partnership with Udemy, I’ve developed an all-new curriculum that teaches you the basics of gamification and engagement design in two parts:

1. Fundamentals of Gamification (LEVEL 1, BASIC)
2. Design Principles, Mechanics, Mastery & More (LEVEL 2, EXPERT)

Click on the two links above to check them out, watch a free lecture, and automatically take advantage of special, limited-time pricing for Gamification Co friends and partners.

This is part of a broader project to make Gamification Certification more standardized, accessible and globally available through Engagement Alliance. These new levels supplement the LEVEL 3 (ADVANCED) certification courses that are available in-person (and that many of you have taken), and set the stage for a new LEVEL 4 (MASTER) that we are hard-at-work organizing.


The new Basic and Expert courses offer over 12 hours of content, including:

  • All new lectures on subjects like Designing Mastery, Point Systems, Game Mechanics in Action, Challenges and More.
  • Thoughtfully curated bonus videos
  • Reinforcing quizzes and reflection exercises to help deepen your understanding
  • Access to the exclusive forums for students
  • Easy-to-access links and references
  • Live Q&A sessions with me (Level 2)
  • Free books

There’s no better way to learn the basics of gamification and engagement design. Whether you are in Marketing or Human Resources, a Startup or Fortune 500, in non-profits or a parent…gamified design is sure to improve your organization and career. Get started now on Level 1 or Level 2.

Speaking of careers: gamification is one of the hottest, most sought-after skills in the market today — and thousands of experts will be needed in the next decade to power this $5Bn market. Join the certified expert community, and proudly display your certification of expertise on your resume, Linkedin profile and more. And, we’re hard at work making it easier for you to find each other, network and build a practice (if you so desire) as an engagement expert. More on that in the fall.

Meanwhile, put this long weekend to good use – get started earning your gamification certification. Check out the free introductory videos (and special pricing) for Level 1 and Level 2.


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