Using Happiness for Engagement with Stella Grizont

Using Happiness for Engagement with Stella Grizont

stella grizont

Stella Grizont Shares How Happiness Can Be Used as an Engagement Tool

Stella Grizont, Founder of woopaah! has been a Gamification Co regular and prominent GSummit speaker on the topic of positive psychology and happiness.

We were lucky enough to grab her to join our latest webshow to dive further into the science behind happiness and how a positive focus on psychology can have a significant impact on engagement.

She states:

“If you want others to be engaged, how can you embody that? Happiness.”

Watch the full video below for the full interview and be sure to catch our next guest this Thursday with Guy Halfteck,  the CEO and Founder of Knack, a company dedicated to using games in order to discover our full talents.

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As a special offer for all our readers, Stella Has been kind enough to offer a 50% code for her newest course on UDemy on The Science of Happiness: Hacks & Skills to Flourish.

Use code GABE for a discount on her online class!

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