Jesse Schell on The Pleasure Revolution

Jesse Schell on The Pleasure Revolution


 Why Games Will Lead the Way

In late 2013, Gabe traveled to 12 cities worldwide for GSummit Global, a series of full-day workshops and meetups to bring GSummit closer to gamification fans. As a part of GSummit Global, we also released 10 new webinars and videos by gamification and engagement professionals. We will be releasing them publicly as we keep counting down to GSummit 2014.

Jesse Schell (@JesseSchell) is the CEO of Schell Games, and in this exciting GSummit 2013 talk he speaks about pleasure being powerful, complicated, and contextual. According to Jesse, gamification is about the creation of pleasurable experiences for the purposes of improved motivational design. But Jesse also explains why “gamification” is only the tip of a much larger iceberg that is influencing all of society, and goes into some detail about best practices for using pleasure to improve the motivational design of a wide variety of experiences.

Finally, he shares 5 important keys to improving motivational design: appeal, engagement, effortlessness, uncheatability, and disembarrassmentation.

Watch the video below and watch out for 3 more GSummit Global videos over the next month!


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