Gamifying Consumer Wealth Management

Gamifying Consumer Wealth Management


How to Gamify a Serious Industry

In late 2013, Gabe traveled to 12 cities worldwide for GSummit Global, a series of full-day workshops and meetups to bring GSummit closer to gamification fans. As a part of GSummit Global, we also released 10 new webinars and videos by gamification and engagement professionals. We will be releasing them publicly as we keep counting down to GSummit 2014.

Joe Duran (@DuranMoney) is the CEO of United Capital (@United_Capital), which he calls an unusual wealth management firm in a historically boring and complicated industry because they want to change this perception.

United Capital uses gamification to change the relationship with their clients to make personal finance more interesting and understandable. Most importantly, Joe wants to make his clients more involved in the development of their financial goals.

In this fun and engrossing webinar, Joe will show you how to take a seemingly boring topic and make it fun while ensuring that you are still taken seriously. He will also explain how to teach customers without them feeling like being taught. He will also show you some of the tools United Capital uses to engage their audience and to turn a process into a producty, for example the Honest Conversations online game that will tell you how you make financial decisions!

Watch the video below and watch out for 2 more GSummit Global videos over the next 3 weeks!


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